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Arts Alive! moves from Cathedral to Brookley

  • November 25, 2014

The Arts Alive! festival announced they are moving activities to Brookley, a change from the Cathedral Square location that was its epicenter for a decade of the event’s duration. Festival founder David Calametti made the announcement.

"The stars have really aligned for us to forge this dynamic partnership with the Mobile Aerofest,” Calametti said in a press release. "As Arts Alive! has grown over the years, we have always been open to new opportunities for collaboration. Aerofest provides us with the ideal platform to continue to showcase local art and organizations to the region and the nation while also enabling us to impact the lives of our nation’s heroes.”

Aerofest is March 20 – 21 2015, an outgrowth of the revitalization of Brookley with the Airbus plane assembly plant. The festival’s website listed associations with The Indepedence Fund for disabled military veterans and the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Arts Alive! began in the fall of 2003 throughout downtown. It changed from biannual to annual, and May to April. It prospered when first Temporal City Festival then SouthSounds music festival cropped up around it.

"We are very proud of the role Arts Alive! has played in our downtown development and are excited to be part of the next important chapter in the continuing growth of our city taking place at the Mobile Aeroplex,” Calametti wrote.
Temporal City Festival ended last year.

SouthSounds organizers said negotiations were underway to determine what will happen with that date and space. The likelihood for activity there could still be high.

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